GLOBAL NEWS NETWORK (GNN) is a dedicated news and current affairs channel of FIRST UNITED BROADCASTING CORPORATION. GNN is carried in Metro Manila by SKY CABLE 213, DESTINY CABLE 8 and CABLELINK 101, and by about 300 local cable operators in the provinces thru its linkages with the Philippine Cable TV Association (PCTA). GNN is also shown over Global Satellite TV (GSAT) for remote areas in the country not reached by cable TV.

Through GSAT direct to home TV, GNN can also be seen in parts of Asia, namely: Philippines, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Brunei, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Japan.

It is available on UHF (Free-to-air TV) in the areas of Pampanga CH44 (covering Central Luzon), Baguio CH48 (covering Urdaneta and Dagupan) , Naga CH43, Cagayan de Oro CH45, and Zamboanga CH43, Roxas City CH43 and Gen. Santos Ch 46 and Bacolod Ch50 and CEBU CITY Ch 45. 2016 will be a big year for GNN as is becomes available in  Dumaguete, Bacolod, Legaspi, Palawan, Davao.



GNN has an estimated of 1,000,000 cable TV subscribers in Metro Manila.

GNN has a reach of at least 10M subscribers through its cable affiliates and free to air station in the provinces.